BARBRI proactively optimizing our students remote learning experiences with Dynatrace

Mark Kaplan, Senior Director IT at Barbri, is a legend within the Dynatrace community. One of the first, and most experienced users of Dynatrace, Mark shares his first impressions of ‘this new monitoring tool’ to the powerful platform that it is today.

Watch the webinar now and hear about:

Barbri’s first impressions of Dynatrace four years ago and why they made the switch.

How Dynatrace’s radically different approach to monitoring has transformed the way Barbri works.

How Dynatrace has enhanced the work life balance of employees – or in Mark’s words “I have more time to spend having breakfast with my daughter.”

How the value provided by Dynatrace isn’t just for IT, but their entire digital business – from marketing, shipping, finance and operations.

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